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The disputed essay is one of the most frequent assignments in the middle school and beyond. Students generally develop arguments and discuss topics provided by teachers, but there is always a time when you have to choose a title. Choosing a theme does not have to be difficult, you can easily do it with this tutorial

How do I select a theme in an argument essay?

The freedom to choose a theme is what every student wants. At some point, you just want to write something that you really want to discuss. When time comes, many students feel nervous and are not sure which theme to use. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you’re nervous

To select the most controversial topic, follow these steps:

  • Hot topic is the easiest way to select an argable essay-to look at news websites and other web portals. There is always one (or more) hot topic that can be discussed
  • The passion is that every man is passionate about something. Take a few minutes to think about your predilections, write them down and decide which one you will discuss in an argument essay
  • Don’t do it safely-a common mistake that many students have repeated, she’s always playing safe. After you have your essay writing skills, you do not hesitate to pay off your fingers beyond the comfort zone. For example, you can discuss topics that appear to be contradictory, not just those that everyone else is writing about
  • To make it special-the selection of an interesting area, for example abortion-is one thing, but the subject should not be so vague. Abortion is a broad term with a lot of things to be discussed. If you do not make the subject accurate, the entire process of recording will be disappointing. For example, you can write about the future of abortion among young people in the Trump administration
  • Debate-the whole point of the disputed essay is to take a stand and defend your argument. This means that the topic should be controversial, not a common fact
  • In connection with the class/lecture, another simple way to choose the theme is to write about the topic associated with your class or lecture. In this way you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and allow your professor (or the teacher) to know that you are passionate about it
  • Good thematic issues

  • Abortion must be illegal, because it’s murder
  • Abortion must be legal: women have the right to do with their bodies what they want
  • Anti-smoking campaigns are ineffective
  • Whether the breach of public confidentiality by the law enforcement chambers is a violation of public confidentiality
  • Trust the trustee products
  • There may be hybrid vehicles to save our planet
  • Democrats should have won the US election if Hillary Clinton was not their candidate
  • Shakespeare has been popular with his most popular
  • Men and women should pay equal pay if men work more than days on average than women
  • Had diplomatic immunity been violated
  • Whether China is a leading economy and technologist is wisely compared to the US
  • It’s time to change Miranda’s laws
  • Privacy is more important than national security
  • Should an electoral process be conducted in the United States
  • Should medical supplies be free for all
  • Searing bullying leads to mental illness
  • Interesting controversial topics

  • At what age should access to the smartphone be allowed
  • raising children is harmful to the upbringing of children
  • Does the bearer of scandals have been scandalous to intimidate the public?
  • If TV shows and movies are more diverse
  • Lack of deflection in the media related to fake news
  • They’re too vulnerable to sexual content on TV
  • What we can learn from video games
  • Additional rights are required for immigrants
  • Can a woman and a man be just friends?
  • Whether the dreamers should remain in the United States
  • A wall on the border with Mexico will not fix anything
  • Should the United Kingdom recover ancient artifacts to Egypt?
  • Tests on drugs at the working level are a breach of confidentiality
  • Cloning and humans and animals are unethical
  • Whether prostitution should be legal
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    The topics associated with the argument are:

    Themes for high school

  • American football is a boring game style
  • Can the video game improve our cognitive skills?
  • The rating means that the student is resourceful
  • Kids really need a healthy diet?
  • Students can receive monetary rewards for good grades
  • Play violent video games, encourage violence in reality?
  • The TV has any educational value
  • Electronic and paper books: Will they be dead in a few years?
  • Graffiti: art or vandalism?
  • An error during the exams?
  • Does he have too much money, something bad?
  • Is there something we can learn from reality TV?
  • Should cigarettes be banned?
  • When will the children have the right time to make their own decisions?
  • Why the media should boycott Kardashian
  • Themes for high school

  • Are athletes overpaid?
  • We’re too vulnerable to advertising
  • Atheism: Is it still a species of religion?
  • And religion and politics are trying to control people
  • The students really need domestic work
  • In fact, sex education helps teenagers
  • We’re becoming “tech zombies.”
  • This is necessary to build a career before getting married
  • Whether pregnancy is 20 is too early
  • Whether the social press is an abduction of children
  • Should athletes be formed?
  • The role of education in the modern world
  • The role of music in personality development
  • Why the lottery is a game of danger
  • Topics related to the argument essay

  • The American education system is deeply flawed
  • Perhaps Donald Trump-approved websites are fake news
  • Divorces have a positive side
  • The benefits of marijuana will overtake the risk
  • There’s a lot of “A” in high school
  • Whether the death penalty is justified
  • The news media is too non-objective
  • People need to read more books
  • Women’s representation in video games must change
  • The schools give students too many standardized tests
  • If academic success is a primary factor to be taken into account when entering college
  • Whether parents should be held accountable for minor offences
  • Voting does not matter
  • When freedom of speech has been turned into hate speech
  • When it is justified to take military force against another nation
  • Funny controversial subjects

  • Fidest children are smarter than their younger siblings
  • How to make your parents angry
  • How to know if the politician is telling the truth
  • How to pretend you’re working
  • How to say “white lies” and go with her
  • Organic products are not healthier than conventional products
  • Stereotypes are good for us
  • What if this royalty from Nigeria, which appears in the mailbox mailbox, is real
  • What happens if the cats control the world?
  • Where all the matching socks go
  • Why the ad works
  • Why I should have been the only child
  • Why standardised tests are the best
  • Why do these clothes actually make a man?
  • Why do you actually like spam email?
  • The simple essay arguments

  • We’re alone in this universe
  • Breastfeeding in restaurants must be prohibited
  • Can smartphones and tablets act as training tools
  • There are paranormal operations
  • Women and women have equal rights in 2018
  • Modern culture is destroying our lives
  • Whether modern technology is provoking psychological diseases
  • How schools should treat those who behave badly
  • It’s easier to be a boy than a girl
  • It’s good to have too many homework
  • It’s good to imagine my life on social networks
  • It’s a good thing that 16-year-old girls act like they’re 26
  • Monotheistic religions are almost identical
  • The online bullying leads to depression
  • Reorganizing social networks leads to a negative body crisis
  • Examples of argument essays

    is an excellent way to improve the writing skills of essays and get ideas on the title-to read an example of this kind of work. To help you, below, you can see a brief example of how your argument in argument should look like this:

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